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Celebrate The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. thirty years of environmental education serving The Woodlands area. 


Check Out Our History 

Our Board of Directors

Paul Nelson


Rob Dushek

Vice President

Kathie Herrick


Steve Gorman


Maryann Braid


John Geiger

Director ex officio

Carolyn Newman


Beth Verghese


Debra Wymore


Major Accomplishments
  • Launched Recycling in The Woodlands which is now included as part of community services

  • Earth Day Festival co-organizer held annually starting in 1990 with hands-on activities and booths focused on protecting our natural environment for future generations 

  • Promoted a Health-E House, which focused on non-toxic solutions for home and garden that are safer for the environment

  • Promoted recycling by expanding recycling opportunities beyond curbside at public events, swim meets, July 4th parade, triathons, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • An early sponsor (2004 to present) of Habitat for Humanity's Restore in Conroe (now located at 9407 TX-242, Conroe, TX 77385)

  • Initiated Mosquito Monitoring Project with Montgomery County in 2004, including funding for any intern to study the project

  • Initiated Christmas Tree Recycling Projects in 1989 to use trees for fish habitats in lakes, Gulf Coast erosion barriers, and compost in residents' yards and community parks - now organized by the Community Associations.

  • Initiated the annual Ecology Button Contests in 1991, a school environmental design contest

  • Organized The Woodlands Water Fest: Water is Life in May 1996



Current Initiatives
  • Sponsors the Buy Recycled Boutique - providing markets for recycled products and demonstrating closing loop through sale of products made with recycled materials. 

  • Provides GREEN Scholarships to The Woodlands area high school seniors (applications for 2018 now available)

  • Services the community as our Local Environmental Information Network

  • Sponsors Walk in the Woods Lecture Series launched in 2000, a popular program that spotlights the diversity of nature in our backyards

  • GREEN Student Ambassadors initiated in the Fall of 2005

  • Walk to School program sponsor since 2002

  • Feed the Dragon Village Challenges provided annually since 1990, a community-wide competition that emphasizes a recycling or conservation goal

Annual Meeting! 
The Woodlands GREEN
Videos of Meeting
Accomplishments for the
2019-2020 Program Year
Videos of Annual Meeting
The meeting included the following:

At the annual meeting:

  • Announce Annual Scholarship Winners

  • Recognize Winners of the Water Wise Village Challenge

  • Review Accomplishments during the last year

  • Highlight our Library Funds Donations

  • Recognize our Strategic Partners

  • Recipient of Ruggles Green Grand Opening Fundraiser, 2014

  • Community Association of The Woodlands Volunteer of the Year, 2004

  • Recycling Alliance of Texas, Close the Loop Award, 2004

  • Prudential Community Champions Award, 1997 and 2001

  • Wal-Mart Grant, Texas Recycles Day, 2001

  • Wal-Mart Grant for Make a Difference Day, 1998

  • Entergy Environmental Education Grant, 1995, 1996

  • EPA Environmental Education Grant Recipient in 1995 to establish a Water Resource Education Center

  • National Recycling Coalition

  • State of Texas Alliance for Recycling

  • Citizen's Environmental Coalition

  • The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce​​

Annual Meeting & Celebration

The Woodlands GREEN

Monday, June 5, 2017, 7:00 pm

Scholarships, Village Awards, Library Donations, and More.
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality e.g. the San Jacinto River Clean-up

  • Houston-Galveston Area Regional Council

  • Houston Environmental Foresight

  • Representation at environmental expos

  • 5-state EPA Region VI Environmental Education Conference "Sharing Our Vision"

  • Houston Corporate Recycling Council Business Environmental Expo

  • Texas Environmental Expo sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Business/ Governmental Partnerships:
  • The Woodlands Township

  • Kroger Signature Store Neighbor to Neighbor Program

  • The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency

  • Entergy/Gulf States Utilities