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Pollinator Conservation Program

Pollinators are essential to ecological health and our food supply. Over 80% of the world’s flowering plants depend on pollinators for their reproduction. This includes more than 60% of the crop species humans rely on. More than 100 crops in the United States - like potatoes, apples, broccoli, blueberries… depend on pollinators. The economic value of this service totals more than $3 billion a year. As well, pollinators are keystone species. The fruits and seeds that they help produce comprise a major food source for a multitude of species, supporting the entire food chain.

Unfortunately, pollinators are in peril. At the moment, 74 species are on the federal Endangered Species list, including butterflies, bees, bats, moths, beetles, skippers, and flies. Habitat loss, pesticide and herbicide use, and disease are to blame.

The Woodlands GREEN is taking action to support pollinator conservation. We are partnering with The Woodlands Township on their Plant for Pollinators program to raise awareness and create habitat that supports all pollinators.

How can you get involved?

Learn – Attend a Going GREEN lecture on pollinators, native plants or sustainable landscaping. Take a Township organic gardening or landscaping class. Visit the demonstration garden at Wendtwoods Park. Follow the Environmental Services blog or Plant for Pollinators site. Or check out the wonderful work of the Xerces society.

Plant – Create a pollinator garden at your home, place of business, or school. Informative guides to help you plan, plant, and maintain a garden are viewable and printable from the Township Environmental Services Plant for Pollinators site.


Need help getting started? The Township can put you in touch with a Garden Advisor to help you design a pollinator garden for your church, business, or school. Just give them a call (281.210.3800).


Share the Word  – Encourage others to plant natives. Talk to friends and neighbors to curb or eliminate their pesticide and herbicide use (remind them that organic methods can be more effective and cheaper).


We are proud to announce that the Coulson Tough Elementary 5th Annual Race for Awareness 5K Run and Walk has chosen The Woodlands GREEN Pollinator Conservation Program to be its designated charity for 2020. All proceeds will support development of a pollinator habitat project at the Sterling Ridge Park and Ride.


Over a half acre of turf grass will be replaced with abundant native wildflowers, providing shelter and sustenance to pollinators of all types. Native milkweed plants will help sustain Monarch butterflies as they move through our area on their annual migration. Interpretive signage will educate visitors about the importance of pollinators and encourage them to plant for pollinators in their own landscapes.

THANK YOU COULSON TOUGH ELEMENTARY for taking action to enhance the natural environment that makes our community so unique!

Get Involved!

Join The Woodlands GREEN at a Community Planting Event. This will increase habitat in our open spaces and preserves.


Thanks to the Coulson Tough Elementary and their Race for Awareness, we are able to begin our pollinator habitat project at the Sterling Ridge Park and Ride. Over a half an acre of turf grass will be replaced with abundant native wildflowers to shelter and feed pollinators.  


We will need volunteers to get their hands dirty and have some fun. 

More Details Coming Soon . . .

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