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This offer is provided by The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N., a non-profit environmental education network founded in The Woodlands by residents in 1989. 

How to Install Your Rainbarrel

The Woodlands allows two rain barrel for each residential property. 

2022 Rain Barrel Sales 

To order click here.

Rain Barrel Sale Price • $96

Our 50-gallon Ivy Rain Barrels from Rainwater Solutions ARE available for online purchases at a special discount price. A portion of these funds will support environmental education in The Woodlands area with college scholarships, library donations, lectures, field trips, and other environmental education activities.

Retail: $138

Discounted Price: $96*

*with Woodlands Water (WJPA) rebate: $48.00

NOTE: Instructions for arranging to pick up your rain barrel are on the purchase website.  


For questions or additional information, email

The Woodlands GREEN Rain Barrel Project

*NOTE: ADDITIONAL REBATE FOR Woodlands Water Customers

(previously WJPA)

Residents who are current water customers of the Woodlands Water (previously Woodlands Joint Powers Agency) are eligible for an additional 50% rebate on your water bill (a lifetime limit of $300 in purchases = a total of $150 in rebates) on rain barrels or any other water-saving device.

       This effectively lowers the price of one rain barrel to $48.00, two barrels for $96.00 or three barrels for $144.00 with the maximum rebate.  Residents who have already received their lifetime $150 in rebates previously for any authorized water-saving device are not eligible for an additional rebate. However, if you have only received a partial rebate, be aware that you can take advantage of further rebates up to your $150 rebate credit.

         Residents may submit their receipts in person to the Customer Service Desk at the Water Resources Building, 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands 77380 or email it to The rebate will be subtracted from the monthly water bill. WJPA customers check here for rebate information. 

         NOTE that Creekside Park Village and May Valley are not Woodlands Water customers, and unfortunately cannot receive the rebate. 


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